Uric Acid and Kidney Stones - Foods and Risk Factors Involved

As kidney stones are formed by a lack of balance of water as well as minerals, it is essential that one stays fully hydrated at all times and also try to avoid sugary juices, alcohol, and soda pop. A plant-based diet full of vegetables, fresh fruit and legumes will help to maintain the proper mineral balance in your kidneys.

9. Flush! No, not your toilet! But you need to flush your liver, kidney and gallbladder with a simple water-soluble fiber vegetable that has been labeled a miracle by my customers.

For one, most people are not flushing their bodies with adequate water. Your body needs at least 10 glasses of water a day. Many people don't get half that amount. This is important because drinking enough water flushes numerous things including calcium which can deposit in the kidneys and cause the disease.

The Chinese have used herbs in teas for quite sometime in order naturally dissolve kidney stones. The herbs that they use to this very day are yarrow leaf, cramp bark, hydrangea root, Joe-pye weed, corn silk, wild yam and plantain leaf. Making the tea is on the easy side and many swear by the results of drinking it. You will need to bring 1 ¼ cups of water to a boil and then add into the boiling water the hydrangea root, cramp bark and wild yam.

Research has shown that there are various causes for kidney stones. However, most often kidney stones are caused by not drinking enough fluids (especially water). You might also develop kidney stones from family history, a poor diet, low levels of activity, climate (hotter and humid climates), specific diseases (renal tubular acidosis, cystinuria, gout, and urinary tract infections) and some prescribed medications (check with your doctor). Though the cause of your kidney stone might be hard to trace back, it is very important you discover the cause! After you discover the cause, it is easier to alter your lifestyle to prevent kidney stones in the future. If your cause is lack of fluids? After the kidney stone passes, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to prevent future cases.

Uva ursi is found to be as an effective herbal remedy for dissolving kidney stones. It cleanses urinary tract and helps in easier removal of stones from body. Uva ursi acts internally and relieves pain due to movement of kidney stones in body. Consuming this herbal cure also improves immune strength and prevents infections in body. Basil is another effective herbal remedy for dissolving kidney stones. For attaining satisfactory result, patients suffering from stones are advised to intake a mixture of basil juice and honey consistently for six months duration. It helps in expelling small stones during urination and enhances kidney health. Lovage, agrimony, juniper and gravel root are other herbal remedies for dissolving kidney stones.