Understanding Each Kidney Stone Composition to Appreciate its Treatment

It is an herbal medicine to treat and inhibit Kidney stones This medication efficiently treats urinary tract infections It helps to maintain normal urine composition It helps to inhibit water retention This medication promotes regular Kidney health. It prevents saturation of stone forming substances Diet and kidney stone: By eating a healthy and well-balanced diet is the best option to prevent kidney stones.

8. Sugar! High sugar intake is associated with increased risk of kidney stones. You can cut hundreds of calories and prevent future kidney stones by staying away from sugary drinks and foods.

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1. If you have visited your doctor because of your condition, you probably have already been told that kidney stones are usually a result of dehydration. Statistics show that most kidney stone sufferers are either from areas with poor drinking water or humid climates. Unfortunately, many people suffer from this disease because of poor habits.

Herbal teas are also thought to be extremely beneficial when you are trying to naturally dissolve kidney stones. Before you consider using any of these teas, you should get the approval of your doctor. It is possible if you are on any medications you could have an interaction because of the tea. Here is one of the teas that is suggested for kidney stones:

Kidney stones have been a disorder that have been documented in many civilizations. In fact, research has uncovered that even Egyptians (during times of pyramid building) developed kidney stones. It is no wonder considering that you are more likely to develop a kidney stone if you live in a hot and humid climate. The reason is because kidney stones develop because of lack of hydration or liquid to the body. Usually people living closer to the equator develop kidney stones because of the body's need to be well hydrated. Also, people living in countries with poor water sanitation are also more likely to develop kidney stones because of lack of clean water for consumption.

Horsetail tea is a safe and effective herbal remedy for dissolving stones. In order to achieve satisfactory results, patients suffering from kidney stones are recommended to drink about three to four cups of horsetail tea per day. Today, you can easily get horsetail products in the form of capsules and extracts from medical stores. Astringent property enriched in this herbal extract helps to a great extend in curing bleeding due to movement of kidney stones in body. Presence of components like saponins and flavonoids promotes diuretic action and helps in easier passage of urine. Preventing urinary tract infections, curing brittle nails and healing wounds are other health benefits of using horsetail tea.