Types And Symptom Of Kidney Stones

The Chronic urinary tract infections, non-specific urethritis, burning micturition and Hyperuricemia (type of arthritis, which occurs when high levels of uric acids build up in blood) all these conditions are efficiently treated by Cystone. Are there any benefits of Cystone? You will get lots of benefits from the product Cystone.

7. Drink Soda! If you drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, then a daily soft drink could possibly prevent future kidney stones by dissolving the stones. A recent study proved this theory and a natural cure working in 2 hours will pass kidney stones in less than one day. Discover more at our website.

5. Vitamin A deficiency has been linked to poor kidney functioning. Therefore, it makes sense to get plenty of this kidney stone fighting vitamin. One vegetable that has plenty of vitamin A is carrots. Go and grab a bag of this fun snack and eat up. Other vitamin A rich foods include: broccoli and potatoes.

But there is only one treatment which will dissolve the kidney stone with natural acids and pass the kidney stone in 24 hours. Here is what you should know about flushing your kidney stones at home.

Increase foods that have water soluble fibers in them. This will help your body speed up the breaking down process of the kidney stones. Let’s face it, the faster they can be broken down the faster you are pain free!

Kidney stones (renal lithiasis) are usually formed because of a poor diet and not enough fluids in the body. As the body begins to produce the liquid waste (urine) the concentrated urine minerals and substances form crystals on the kidneys. Over time, the victim will begin to develop hardened stones that can cause excruciating pain. As the stones evolve in size, so does the pain associated with them.

Dandelion root, one among the common ingredients in ayurvedic medicines is an effective herbal remedy for dissolving stones. Diuretic property enriched in dandelion root boosts urine output and stimulates blood circulation in kidney. Patients suffering from stones are advised to drink at least three cups of dandelion root tea per day. This helps in relieving inflammations due to movement of stones and cures pain. Water intake by person plays a vital role in maintaining the health of kidney. Intake of dandelion root enriched with potassium regulates body’s water balance and improves kidney function. Apart from dissolving kidney stones, this herbal cure is also used for detoxifying blood cells. Regular use of dandelion root extract as per the correct dosage level strengthens immune system and prevents kidney and urinary tract infections.